Life On Board With American Cruise Lines

Imagine waking up in a new and exciting port of call every morning, as you help our guests experience the best in U.S. cruising.  As a member of the American Cruise Lines crew you will meet interesting people from all over the world and become an important part of their journey.  Along the way, coworkers become family and the ship turns into your home away from home. Living on board one of cruise ships is a unique way to travel while you build amazing friendships with fellow crew members. It’s a new and exciting environment for most people which takes some adjustment from life on shore and we ensure that you will be supported throughout the transition. At American Cruise Lines we want you to succeed while on board with us and that is why we do our very best to provide you with the necessary tools and support to do so. We are always happy to help. 

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How It Works


Joining Your Ship

After successfully completing our shoreside training program, you become eligible for a ship assignment. Although we do not guarantee a specific ship for your employment, we try to match you with the best fit. Any and all requests will be taken into account during this process. Once assigned, we will arrange the flights and transportation to get you to the vessel. During your first day on board, we will introduce you to the other crew members, take you on a tour of the ship, and get you settled into your stateroom.



Each of our ships is carefully designed to make both the crew and the guests comfortable as we sail the U.S. waterways. The living quarters resemble a dormitory environment in which you can quickly make new friends. Crew members can be assigned up to four roommates, depending on the ship, while Senior Officers have a private stateroom and bath. We do our best to provide you with as much privacy as possible and a work schedule that allows for time off while docked at our ports.


Work Schedules

Our ships operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In order to provide our guests with the best service possible throughout their cruise, crew members are required to work during the hours that the ship operates. Your schedule will vary each day depending on where we are and what is planned for our guests during that itinerary. Yes this is hard work, but it is a truly rewarding experience for those who are able to understand the value of what we offer our employees. 


Time Off

During your time off, we encourage you to take a break from your hard work and reward yourself. Immerse yourself in the unique culture of each port. Our dining room is also available during break hours, as long as you are quiet! To keep in contact with family and friends, we offer free WiFi access while on board. In order to assure that you are well rested enough to work the following day, we have implemented a strict 11pm curfew for all crew members. Alcohol is prohibited at all times on the ship, even when at port. When on the ship, your top priority should be our guests. Therefore, you must always be ready to take action in the event of an emergency.



Not only do you travel expense-free, but you also get to dine on chef-inspired cuisine daily. One of the chefs on board will prepare food for all crew members at times that do not interfere with guest dining. Breakfast is made to order, while lunch and dinner are served buffet style. If at any point,you have a dietary request, we will do our best to accommodate you. Nutrition is important during your time with American Cruise Lines. Being on your feet for a majority of the day, our meals are created to supply you with all the essential nutrients needed to keep you healthy. If at any point you wanted to change your food choices, there is always the opportunity to eat on shore while we are in port.


Traveling To and From the Ship

Servers, housekeepers, deckhands, and dishwashers can work for us up to 28 weeks. Managers and officers work a schedule of several weeks on, several weeks off, with longer shifts during the busy season (summer and fall). After accepting a position, we will work with you to create your schedule and organize your travel to the ship. If for any reason you wanted to take a break, our work schedule is flexible enough to allow for this. Breaks can be prearranged with advance notice, as we need to make sure that our staffing needs are continually met. Once you have completed your time with us, we will help you with your travel arrangements to get you back home safely.



Kick Start or Advance Your Career with the Leader in U.S. Cruising

Working on an American Cruise Lines ship will provide you with important skills and experiences that will last a lifetime!  Not to mention all of the great friendships you will make along the way!

What I love the most is the humbling experience and the beautiful guests that I met. The views were mind blowing for my first time on a boat, it was amazing!

Why American Cruise Lines?


Professional Development
No matter what your career goals or aspirations may be, as a member of our crew you will receive training that can be applied to most any position such as interpersonal communication, time management, and problem-solving skills.  



Be Part of a Team
To provide our guests with the best possible cruise experience, the on board staff must operate as a cohesive unit.  Working as part of a team is an essential part of a crew member’s job with the opportunity to learn from others.   



Awards & Recognition
American Cruise Lines is rapidly expanding, offering many opportunities for professional development. Those who contribute to the company’s success are recognized and rewarded for their efforts.



Make a Difference
There is nothing more rewarding than providing excellent service to our guests.  As a member of the crew you have direct impact on their overall cruise experience, not only taking care of their needs, but also helping them to make amazing memories.  



Become a Leader
Life on board lays the foundation for successful leadership. Ability to communicate, motivate, and respond to a constantly changing environment are just a few of the characteristics of a great crew member which also make an exceptional leader.    


Work with American Cruise Lines if you want to have great memories and experience things you never would have beforehand!