Employee Spotlights


Lilly Stern - Cruise Director

Our Employee Spotlight shines bright on our very own Cruise Director, Lilly Stern. This year will be Lilly’s second season with American Cruise Lines. Being a Cruise Director Lilly has demonstrated outstanding guest service, motivating leadership, and a true passion for her job. When asked what her favorite part about working for American Cruise Lines was, she replied, FUN FACT - Since she started with American Cruise Lines, she has used every single break to visit different countries. Thank you Lilly for all of your effort in allowing our guests’ to experience the most memorable journey with us!

I love that we really get to know our guests with such small groups. It’s such a unique way to travel!
— Lilly S.

Miguel Calderon- Pastry Chef

Congratulations to Miguel C. who is one of our talented Pastry Chefs and is aboard our brand new American Song. Miguel joined our shipboard team back in September of this year and has been creating masterpiece pastries for our guests ever since. FUN FACT: Miguel loves to sing but with his stage fright he will never perform in front of people. Thank you for all of your hard work within our kitchen operations, for bringing creativity to the table every day, and for inspiring those around you.

I enjoy the creative freedom that we are allowed as pastry chefs, it allows me to impart a little bit of myself and artistic side into each plate that I design. Each ship has a different chef with different plating ideas which I feel add to the ship’s individual identity.
— Miguel C.

Sabina Halilovic - Accounts Payable

Look who’s in the spotlight this week: Sabina H. Sabina started her journey within our Accounting department in August of 2016. When asked what she enjoys most about working at American Cruise Lines, she replied, Thank you Sabina for your willingness to help out wherever it is needed, for being a key member of our accounting team, and for being a dedicated team player. We are lucky to have someone like you working with us at American Cruise Lines!

One of my favorite things about working here is the positive work environment and the people I work with. Everyone is always willing to provide their help to accomplish our common goals. I am lucky to be surrounded by supportive management and I feel valued and appreciated for my contributions to the team.
— Sabina H.


Conor Montgomery - Junior QMED

Congratulations to Conor Montgomery for being selected as our Employee Spotlight! Conor has been a part of our shipboard team for the past 5 and a half years. Whatever the task, he continuously goes above and beyond expectations to complete it. Thank you for being such a dedicated and valuable employee, for always assisting when it is needed, and for always going the extra mile. Having you on our team makes all the difference, we are incredibly thankful for your work!

All the support I’ve received from our port engineers, captains, and mates. Through their knowledge and leadership I have grown and learned so much about maintaining our ships and I credit them for the success I’ve had here.
— Conor M.

Jenna Brown- Hotel Operations Trainer

Congratulation to our very own Jenna Brown for being nominated as our Employee Spotlight. Jenna joined the American Cruise Lines’ training team back in 2014 and has put a tremendous amount of time and energy into helping prepare our shipboard employees prior to getting on our ships. FUN FACT: Jenna’s family used to own and operate an Alpaca Ranch and Boutique Store in New Mexico. Thank you Jenna for being a mentor to all of our new trainees and for making the training center a fun, collaborative, and challenging environment.

It is both fun and challenging to develop our shipboard temporary employees to the point of being able to provide exemplary service to our guests. Watching them grow into young professionals throughout our training process is extremely rewarding.
— Jenna B.

Dallas Bynum - Hotel Service Member

Congratulations Dallas! Dallas joined American Cruise Lines in October of 2018 within our dining service operations team. FUN FACT: Dallas loves to dance and always finds time to dance with our guests and co-workers. Thank you Dallas for serving our guests with their chef-inspired meals with a smile, for providing professional service at all times, and for entertaining our guests through trivia, tango lessons, etc.

My favorite part is definitely the people, I have met so many people from starting on the West Coast, to the Mississippi River, and now the East Coast.
— Dallas B.