Employee Spotlights


Chelsea Wiik -Recruiter/Onboard Specialist-October 12, 2018

Our Employee Spotlight shines bright on Chelsea Wiik who is our Recruiter/ Onboard Specialist. Since joining the American Cruise Lines’ team one year ago, Chelsea has proven herself to be a key member of the recruitment team. FUN FACT: Chelsea loves to travel and her latest trip was to Southeast Asia. The next place she hopes to visit is Japan! Thank you Chelsea for your commitment to make sure that our operations run as smoothly as possible, for helping out wherever is needed, and for being a leader to others in your department.

My favorite part of my job is being able to interact closely with shipboard employees and helping them start their careers with ACL.
— Chelsea w.

Miguel Calderon- Pastry Chef - December 7, 2018

Congratulations to Miguel C. who is one of our talented Pastry Chefs and is aboard our brand new American Song. Miguel joined our shipboard team back in September of this year and has been creating masterpiece pastries for our guests ever since. FUN FACT: Miguel loves to sing but with his stage fright he will never perform in front of people. Thank you for all of your hard work within our kitchen operations, for bringing creativity to the table every day, and for inspiring those around you.

I enjoy the creative freedom that we are allowed as pastry chefs, it allows me to impart a little bit of myself and artistic side into each plate that I design. Each ship has a different chef with different plating ideas which I feel add to the ship’s individual identity.
— Miguel C.

Taylor Spitz- Cruise Director - August 24, 2018

A huge congratulations to our very own Cruise Director, Taylor Spitz, for being our Employee Spotlight this week. Since starting with us in May she has been a huge part of our guests’ trips. Her best memory thus far has been getting to do the hot chocolate bar on the top deck on board the Constellation in Alaska while cruising through all the glaciers. Fun fact: Taylor absolutely loves photography – check out all of her photos while aboard they are truly breathtaking! Thank you Taylor for all of your hard work that you put forward every single day, it does not go unnoticed.

My best memory is getting to do the hot chocolate bar on the top deck on board the Constellation in Alaska while cruising through all the glaciers!
— Taylor S.


Aundrinea Nelson - Housekeeping Manager - September 14, 2018

Aundrinea joined our shipboard team in April of this year and was part of the launch of our American Constitution. Originally she was one of our key Guest Service Coordinators and quickly was given a career advancement opportunity as a Housekeeping Manager. Fun fact: Aundrinea LOVES to travel – before working with us she spent 3 months in Europe exploring new countries. Thank you Aundrinea for continuously putting your best foot forward, for being a positive leader to those on your team, and for contributing to the success of our cruises. We are very thankful to have you on our team!

My favorite part about being part of ACL is the ability to travel to new places, the personal/ professional opportunities that are given, and the team I am a part of
— Aundrinea N.

Clayton Keen - Hotel Team Member - December 14, 2018

Since joining our team 13 weeks ago, Clayton continues to excel. He has proven himself to be extremely dedicated to his team and his professional goals. FUN FACT: he absolutely loves water and is considering majoring in marine biology. Thank you Clayton for all of your hard work that you have given our shipboard team and guests thus far. The future is bright for you, and we wish you the best for the remainder of your 16 weeks!

My favorite thing about working with ACL is all the different passengers that I get to interact with and get to know on a personal level, that I wouldn’t likely have working elsewhere.
— Clayton K.

Elizabeth Lange - Cruise Director - August 10, 2018

Our spotlight shines bright on one of our Cruise Directors, Elizabeth Lange! She has been with us for just over a year and has truly made a positive impact on the operations of our company. For the past 11 weeks she has overseen 180 shore excursions and has provided our guests with an exception experience daily. Fun fact: when she was 17 she went to Cambodia for a month to help teach, this is where she found her love for people and travel. Thank you Elizabeth for being a role model to others on our shipboard team!

I love traveling along the same waters of Lewis and Clark and seeing the drastic change in scenery as we go from a certified desert in Clarkston to a rain forest in Astoria. I could talk about this itinerary all day!
— elizabeth l.