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Be part of a growing company that is making waves in the exciting cruise industry. American Cruise Lines is the largest cruise company in the U.S., operating the newest fleet of riverboats and small cruise ships in the country.

Our mission is to provide our guests with an exceptional cruise experience. Our people are key to achieving this goal. The talent and dedication of the American Cruise Lines employees have made us America's Leading Small Ship Cruise Line.

Our philosophy for success is simple; hire talented people and then provide training, support, and reward systems, so they will thrive.

At American Cruise Lines, we are continually looking for passionate, hardworking people to be part of our team. Whether you join us on land or on the U.S. waterways, American Cruise Lines will provide you with a rewarding work experience.



Corporate Careers

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Shipboard Careers 

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Not Just a Career
A Way of Life

Travel - Make Lifelong Friends - and Advance Your Career with American Cruise Lines.

Whether a member of the Corporate Team or Shipboard Crew, providing our guests with an incredible cruise experience is the goal of all employees at American Cruise Lines. Find out how you can be a part of the team.    

Why American Cruise Lines?

Travel throughout Country

As you travel to the most amazing destinations across the U.S.A., make lasting friendships and have new, enriching experiences every day. While on board, strengthen leadership, communication, and time management skills which are necessary for almost any career path.  And get paid along the way!



Career Advancement

American Cruise Lines is rapidly expanding. As the size of our fleet grows, so do the opportunities for advancement on board and in the corporate office.  To help you reach your short and longterm career goals, we offer professional development, training, and mentoring.


Recognition and Rewards

At American Cruise Lines, we realize that our people are the key to our success. We are continually looking for passionate, hardworking people to be part of our team and will offer incentives and rewards for exceptional leadership and service.


Our Employee Spotlight

Every Friday we nominate an outstanding ACL employee for our Employee Spotlight page featured on Facebook and Instagram. See who’s making waves.

Aundrinea Nelson - Housekeeping Manager - Employee Spotlight - September 14, 2018

Luis Morales-Hoffman - Pastry Chef - Employee Spotlight - September 7, 2018

Jackson Woolridge - Hotel Team Member - Employee Spotlight - November 2, 2018

Voltaire Augustin - Hotel Service Member - Employee Spotlight - October 5, 2018

Taylor Spitz - Cruise Director - Employee Spotlight - August 24, 2018

Christina Cifarelli - Operations Assistant - Employee Spotlight - August 31, 2018

Our office has a better view than a cubicle - let alone best friends that you will meet along the way
— Kristen L, Cruise Director

Our Travel Awards


I learned so much that’s applicable to the hospitality industry that I now have a serious competitive advantage when applying for a job. You will never work that hard in your life again, but it’s such rewarding work that it’s worth it. I met so many incredible people that have truly changed my outlook on life.
— Andrew O, Hotel Service Member

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