Captains & Mates

American Cruise Lines is the premier operator of cruise ships in the United States. With 10 U.S. flagged ships operating in 30 states and more new ships arriving every year, our deck officers have the ability to rapidly gain experience on different vessel types around the country. 

Captain and Mate positions with American Cruise Lines offer flexible schedules on the newest cruise ships in the world. Deck officers are responsible for the safe operation of the ship and disciplined adherence to company standards. Captains and mates come from a variety of backgrounds ranging former U.S. Navy or Coast Guard to the towing industry. Many have also developed with us moving into the most senior positions.

The American Cruise Lines ships are the newest in the industry. American Cruise Lines builds its own ships in Maryland and is the largest innovator in the American cruise industry. We operate only new vessels carrying between 90 and 200 guests on seven night itineraries around the country. Each ships flies an American flag and ranges in capability from coastwise service to modern paddlewheelers reminiscent of steamboats from the 1800s. 

A position with American Cruise Lines includes a robust training program at our Guilford, CT headquarters from a team of professionals dedicated to helping you succeed. You will gain operating experience in different environments around the country on ships that have Z-drives and conventional shafts. Only American Cruise Lines has a full bridge simulator to prepare you for your career here.

Learn more today using the links below and join America’s premier cruise line. Inquire about our available positions and our training classes. 


Reasons to Apply

The dominant U.S. cruise line

10 ships in 30 states with more new ships launching every year

All American crew and an all American company

Unique operating environments on the most modern vessels

Flexible schedule with the possibility for equal on/off time if desired

Competitive salaries based on experience

Full benefits program, paid vacation time, and 401K programs

Extensive pre-employment training programs

Growth opportunities within the organization

Paid travel expenses

Per U.S. Coast Guard Regulations, you do need to have a U.S. Citizenship or be a Green Card holder in order to work on board for American Cruise Lines. Please note that at this time we do not use outside agencies to hire our employees.