Hospitality Jobs

Travel Throughout the U.S. with Few Expenses and Competitive Pay

We are always searching for enthusiastic individuals to work onboard our luxury cruise ships. Whether you have worked in the cruise industry before or are looking to start a new career, America Cruise Lines has a variety of positions available that will fit your skill set.

Our temporary positions are ideal for those starting out in the hospitality industry and want an introduction to the field. We also have manager and captain positions for which a degree as well as previous experience is required. These positions are ideal for those who strive to have a career in hospitality or in hotel and restaurant management.

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The Right Attitude

Working onboard a cruise ship has it challenges. The hours may be long and demanding, but by maintaining a positive attitude you will see its many rewards. Not only will you be able travel through America’s waterways, but you will also build meaningful relationships with both your fellow crew members and the passengers. A career with American Cruise Lines, no matter how long, will be a fulfilling experience.

Short Term Positions

Stewards and Deckhands are temporary, 16-week positions for which you cannot apply to again. Generally, these positions will follow the “12-7-16” rule which means 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, for 16 consecutive weeks. This schedule is quite typical in the cruise industry and is a strict requirement for all temporary positions (no flexibility).  However, there are a few hours for break built into this schedule which will allow you some time to rest or to get off the boat and explore the city around you.

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Full Time Roles

Captains, Managers, Chefs, and Mates typically work 6-8 week shifts with 1-2 weeks off as part of their full time employment. These positions receive full benefits and daily competitive pay. They are perfect for military veterans or for those with previous cruise ship experience. Also, our management positions offer the opportunity to build a successful career in the hospitality industry. They will not only strengthen your passion for the field, but they will also expand upon the knowledge received through past work experiences.

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All Shipboard Positions

  • Due to coast guard regulations, all crew members must be American citizens

  • No visible neck or arm tattoos. All crew members must be well groomed and have a neat appearance

  • All crew members must be able to pass pre-employment, random, and reasonable cause drug and alcohol tests