Hospitality Internship Program

"Our internships focus on three core disciplines: food service, housekeeping, and customer service. In this one position, you will receive the fundamental skills required for a career in the hospitality industry - and it’s an awesome way to travel the USA"

American Cruise Lines’ paid internship program offers undergraduate college students a chance to live and work on board one of our cruise ships for up to 16 weeks. We are searching for students of all class years who have a passion for hospitality and desire to apply the concepts that they are learning in their courses to a more real-world setting. Our internship program begins with a week training session at our headquarters in Guilford, CT where interns become immersed in our culture and learn the skills necessary to be successful on board. After training, interns are then sent to our ships where they officially begin their time with us. Through immersive, hands-on opportunities, interns will be able strengthen their hospitality expertise and leadership skills while on board. Also, during their time aboard, interns are able to shadow our seasoned shipboard managers as well as network with some of the best professionals in the hospitality industry. At the of the program, students not only will have received an in-depth look into the cruising business, but also they will be positioning themselves for growth in the hospitality industry.

College Interns are hired at 2 major points during the season: Spring (March - May) and Summer (Jun-Aug). We will try our best to customize your internship experience with us in order to help you meet the specific major requirements for your college or university. Our internships may be used for college credit depending on your school.

Our spring internships also are ideal for students who will be graduating in December. Whether you are looking for some experience in the hospitality industry or just need a transition before taking the next step in your career, our spring internship will do much to strengthen your communication, teamwork, and time management skills. The internship will help to prepare you for both a future in hospitality as well as a career in the business field.

Management internships may also be available for students who successfully complete the Hospitality Internship. Please contact us for details.

We partner with many colleges and universities' hospitality programs. If your school is interested in learning more please contact us at

Check out the gallery to see some of our past interns in action!