Shipboard Lifestyle

Working in the hospitality industry is a personal decision you have likely already made. Dedicating your career to the enjoyment of others is gratifying, humbling, and personally enriching. Pursuing this on a cruise ship adds a layer of adventure and challenge to your decision to work in hospitality.

You are traveling every day and you are living where you work. It’s exciting, but the typical manager schedule of 6 to 8 weeks on-board, 2 weeks off can be physically and mentally demanding. You give up your weekends, but the weeks off give you time to pursue your goals in depth.

Without any expenses on-board, saving comes naturally. In the off-season, you typically have much more time off and many managers use the money they saved to travel or pursue personal goals. Last year, some of our managers spent the winter in Costa Rica, traveled Europe, built a barn, and used the money they saved for a down payment.

No matter why you choose the lifestyle of a shipboard manager, we want you to be fully comfortable with it by the time you complete this interview process. That's why we'll immerse you in extensive training and learning to better prepare you for your new career on-board.

Our managers are the key to a smooth running ship. Do you have what it takes to cruise to work? Apply today. We are always on the lookout for great Hotel General Managers, Assistant Hotel Managers, Housekeeping Managers and Tour Directors.