Thank You Interns!

As summer begins to close and fall starts to come into sight, our interns have begun their last few weeks of work with us.  Since the end of May, our interns have been onboard our ships not only providing excellent customer service to our passengers, but also learning the fundamentals of hotel and restaurant management. Many of them came directly from school and have spent their entire summer break with us. American Cruise Lines realizes that giving up the solace of summer was a difficult decision and we would like to commend all of our interns for choosing to further enhance their education through our internship program. We only received positive feedback and praise from our shipboard managers as well as our passengers about your performance. ACL would also like to thank our interns for all of their diligence and we truly hope that our program was a rewarding experience. For any student thinking about joining us next summer, keep an eye on our website as our application for the 2017 internship program will be up in the fall.

While our interns were hard at work for most of the summer, they did find time to get off of the ship and explore the city around them. Through social media posts, we were able to see all of the adventures that they went on and how they enjoyed their time onboard. Below, there is a gallery full of pictures that our interns took while cruising.