Employee Recognition- Kenson Cesar

Chef Kenson has been a member of ACL’s shipboard kitchen staff for more than two years. He has served on four of our ships including the American Star, the Independence, the Queen of the Mississippi, and the Queen of the West. Kenson started out as a galley steward where he not only conquered the challenges of a 12-7-12 work schedule, but also developed a passion for preparing food. After completing his 12 weeks onboard, Kenson decided to stay with ACL and turn his newfound love into a career. Through the training provided by our excellent executive chefs, he was able to work his way up the ranks. He is now one of our most talented sous chefs who takes great pride in making the soups, the sauces, and the hors d’oeuvres that are served alongside the main entrees to our guests.

Kenson’s dedication as well as his profound customer service skills can best be described through his actions. Recently, while onboard the Queen of the West, two guests had to depart for the hospital prior to lunch. They did not return to the ship until well after dinner service and, knowing that they would be hungry, Chef Kenson waited in the dining room for them. He prepared them both something to eat and even assisted them to their room to dine. The guests were ecstatic as he definitely went above and beyond their expectations.