New Hotel Management Positions

American Cruise Lines is currently looking for experienced managers to work onboard our ships this coming spring and summer. Whether you have worked on a cruise ship before or just need a change of scenery, our manager positions are ideal for those with a passion for hospitality. We have a range of positions available from a Hotel and Dining Supervisor to a Cruise Director. Each managerial role offers the chance to not only travel throughout America’s waterways, but also to build a successful career in the hospitality industry.

Typically, our managers work 6-8 week shifts with 1-2 weeks off as part of their full time employment. They also receive full benefits and daily competitive pay. All potential applicants must have a bachelor’s degree in hospitality or business as well as previous experience.

If you are considering applying for one of our manager positions, please take a look at our Top Eight Pieces of Advice for Manager Applicants (below). This list comes straight from our recruitment team, so please keep it in mind when you are going through the hiring process. Good luck!

Top Eight Pieces of Advice for Manager Applicants

 1. Be sure that any correspondence with a recruiter is both formal and professional.

 2. Before the interview, conduct research on the company and the job opportunity--if the recruiter gives you a brochure or a packet to review before the interview, be sure to do so.

 3. Arrive on time for the interview (even when it is on Skype) and be prepared--make sure you are dressed appropriately and are ready to answer questions regarding your resume.

 4. During your interview--be authentic, honest, upbeat, confident and focused. Try to avoid complaining or showing any negativity.

 5. Be aware of your body language-your eye contact, handshake, smile, and posture can all convey your interest in the position. Try to control nervous tics such as toe tapping or pen clicking.

 6. It is fine to be nervous. We know that interviewing can be stressful and we try our best to make it a painless process. But, be sure that you do not come to the interview overly anxious.

 7. Be sure to listen during your interview and come with questions regarding the position.

8. Remember to follow-up after the interview with the recruiter and send him or her a thank you email.