Testimonial: Justin Niu, Student at Penn State

This spring we invited dozens of college students to work abord our ships as Stewards and Deckhands for 12 week summer jobs. One of those students was Justin Niu who currently attends Penn State University as a sophomore. 

Justin just came off duty andwas kind enough to speak to us by phone (on his first day of classes!)  and give us his take on what it was like working on a cruise ship. What follows is the Q&A portion of the phone call.

Where are you from Justin? 

Chester County, Pennsylvannia.

How did you hear about the opportunity?

I saw it on CampusJob (now Wayup.com) and thought it was interesting so I applied.

What ship did you serve on?

Queen of the West that cruised the Columbia/Snake rivers.

What was your overall impression of living on a boat for 12 weeks?

Looking back on it ACL was pretty up front about the long hours and working every day. But it was a great experience that I had fun with.

What about you made you succesful in this role?

I think having a thick skin is important when you are living in close quarters with your shipmates. You just need to go woth the flow and have an even tempermant. Have a flexible attitude.

What were some of your favorite cities to visit?

Richland (WA), Astoria (OR)...in Richland there was this great cupcake store I found that I really loved. Astoria had a great sunday market to visit. Really wesome.

How were your managers?

The managers, I really liked them all. My favorite was Jaime who I started with and got to work with for about 8,9 weeks. 

What advice do you have for other students who might be considering applying to ACL?

Be prepared to work. The days can be long. Stay positive. Definitely make friends with the people who started with you because it makes the time go by faster.