4 Email Tips for Communicating with Recruiters

When it comes to working with recruiters in your job search its important to keep in mind several things to make your relationship with them run smoother. As part of our mantra here at ACL, we like to help educate all job seekers (not those who apply to ACL) on the intricacies of the job hunt.

So here are some tips for emailing recruiters that will make your job search more successful.

  1. When sending the recruiter an email use the same one that is on your resume. It might get confusing if you already emailed previously from another account. Be consistent.
  2. Put your phone number, email address and even your Linkedin profile URL on your email signature. Make your contact info easy to find. Especially if you get into one of those email chains with a bunch of replies.
  3. Don't assume the recruiter will always remember you. They deal with dozens of candidates each week so always remind them what position you are emailing about.
  4. Make sure you have a professional sounding email address. Don't use your nickname or something too suggestive (you know what we mean). A good idea is to buy your name as a domain name (i.e. yourname.me) on Godaddy for a few bucks and setup an email address on that.

Happy hunting everyone!