Things NOT to do on your Skype interview

Our recruiters conduct dozens of Skype video interviews each week. That means we've seen the good, the bad, and the ugly from candidates across the country. 

So to help you better prepare for your interview with us, we put together a list of things NOT to do while Skyping with us. It's in your best interest to make a good first impression. So read these first.

  1. Don't wait until the last minute to download the Skype software. Better to test it out first in advance of your interview. Know how to turn on the video feed.
  2. Dont sit behind a window. The light tends to make it harder for us to see you. Find a well lit room to conduct it in (without distractions).
  3. Don't confuse us with "American Air Lines". Each week we get a few of these references from candidates who aren't paying attention.
  4. Don't compliment our recruiters on their appearance. 
  5. Don't say 'like' or 'ya know' repeatedly. 
  6. Don't wear tank tops, hats, jerseys or inappropriate tshirts. Dress neatly and professional. Those that do make a better impression on our recruiters.
  7. Don't slouch, sit up straight.
  8. Don't have your mom in the background. Yes this has actually happened a few times. If your parents have questions about shipboard roles they can contact our staff independently.
  9. Don't Skype on your phone. Whenever possible, use your computer.
  10. Don't forget the interview time. Remember the time zone changes if you are not on the Eastern time zones where our staff will be calling from.

Keep those resumes coming!

~ACL Careers Team