Working at American Cruise Lines - Heidi Cater

A new testimonial straight off the boat!

Heidi is a Steward (Hotel Service Member) who recently just completed her 12 weeks on the Queen of the Mississippi.  She is a recent graduate with a business degree. We spoke to her by phone this week to get her take on the experience.

Tell me about some of your positive experiences while onboard?

“We formed a family unit.  I also enjoyed learning the fine dining, and housekeeping experience.”

How were your living quarters?

“They were perfect, I lived with two others.”

What cities were you able to visit?

“We went to Memphis, Nashville which was my favorite, and New Orleans.  I enjoyed Nashville because it was a big city, there was also a museum there I liked to visit.”

What advice do you have for future stewards?

“You need to be a hard worker!  Twelve weeks is a lot of hard work but it can be done.  You have to know what you are walking into.  Be ready to work hard!”