New Testimonial: Marissa Parker - Steward/Galley Steward

Marissa Parker was a Steward and a Galley Steward on her time on the Queen of the West from June 20, 2015 to September 12, 2015.  During her time on board she traveled to Portland, Richland and Stevenson just to name a few. We caught up with her by phone after she finished her 12 weeks on board.

Queen of the West on the Columbia River

Queen of the West on the Columbia River

Why did you want this job?

“I am a people person! I love working with people, this was a great opportunity to do that.”

What were some of the Pros of your experience?

“When I was a steward, serving the passengers.  The people you meet on board are great.”

She really enjoyed catering to all of the passengers on board and having them learn a little about her as well as learning about them.

What cities did you travel to?

“We traveled to Portland, Richland, and I got on in Stevenson.  Richland was my favorite, it was beautiful there and there was a park right when you got off.  Portland was my second favorite.”

What advice would you have for people who are applying to be a steward and galley steward?

“Be prepared to work hard for 12 hours.  Go in mentally prepared that’s what I did, I was ready to work hard.”