Employee Spotlight: Inside Sales Rep, Sandy, UT

Our Sandy, UT sales office has a number of great team members doing sales and customer service. So we though it would be a great idea to profile some of the people who make ACL a leader in the cruise industry. Below is a Q&A with Kimberly Swartzenberg, one of our sales reps.

1.       How long have you worked here and what did you do before ACL?

Re: I have been employed with American Cruise Lines since 1/12/2015. I was in the first training class in Utah. Prior to ACL, I was a manager with Walgreens and a Field Sales Manager with Vector Marketing (Cutco cutlery).

2.       Describe your best day ever working in sales at ACL?

Re: I have a tie for the ‘best day ever here.’ If you had asked me a year ago what my best day was I would tell you it was first time I booked 20 people in one day. However, it was soon followed up with the first time I hit Soaring Eagle (this happens when you book 50+ passengers in one week). I booked 52 passengers in one week (with only 20 minutes left! I hit it on my very last call for the week. I booked three passengers on the Columbia River and I will never forget the feeling of accomplishment when they told me they were ready to book). Also, I received a significant bonus along with an already very rewarding paycheck!

3.       What’s the best part about your job?

Re: I would say, hands down, the best part of this job is the clients you are working with. I’ve done sales for years and though I’ve always loved my past jobs, I have never been a part of something so special for people. You will speak with many engaging and charismaticpeople, and there are few things better than helping someone book the vacation they’ve always dreamed of!

4.       How would you describe the sales team members you work with?

Re: I love the people I work with and count many of them as close friends. The managers here are wonderful as well! We are all likeminded and there is a fun and friendly level of competition amongst us. My fellow team members look out for me, as I do them, and are encouraging and excited in my success, as I am theirs. Same can easily be said about the managers here. It’s a great feeling to come to work every day with friends.

5.       Are there great incentives in place to achieve your sales goals?

Re: The standards set for weekly goals are easily achievable and the bonus structure creates a lot of incentive to be consistent. The company will often offer further incentives as well- bonus cruises, pay off trips, etc.. Since I have started with this company, I have won two trips! One to New Orleans with anyone of my choice and another to any port of call that I wish.

6.       What types of people would do well in an ACL sales role?

Re: I think the best part of this job is that you do not have to have an innate affinity for sales. There are a few key qualities I believe one needs to have with this particular job; people oriented, motivation for constant success and personal growth, a friendly competitive side, goal oriented, a willingness and eagerness to learn and some basic computer skills. Of course, sales skills will only benefit you, but I do not see them as a requirement.

7.       What advice do you have for potential applicants thinking about joining ACL sales?

Re: If you’re looking for a job where your personal successes will be celebrated and you can feel safe and comfortable with the people around you then this is the place for you. I sought out a position that I enjoyed, gave me the feeling of progression and meaningfulness also coupled with a lucrative income. I have found exactly that with American Cruise Lines. So, if you’re looking for anything that falls within these, then ACL would be a great fit for you.

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